Welcome to the Cultural Arts Coalition

Since 1983, we have been providing a diverse group of programs to the Gainesville Community: Arts, Environmental Education, After School programs. We also cosponsor many programs from HIV/AIDS Education to Anti-School-to-Prison effort, and we are involved with mentoring and programs geared towards making resources available to our young people.

Cultural Arts Coalition is housed at the Wilhelmina Johnson Resource Center, 321 NW 10th Street, Gainesville, Florida. The Center is home to the Lavern Porter Dancers, Shorin-Ryu, Makare African Dance Family and Ghanaian Dance. All types of special events can be hosted at the Center from baby showers to wakes, from weddings to Sweet 16 birthday parties. Organizations can use the facility for weekly or monthly meetings.

We are humbled by and proud of the support of local businesses, organizations, churches and individuals both youth and elders. Check out what we have to offer.

It is our hope that you will find a way to join our “Village” through volunteering, sharing your artistic crafts, offering cultural classes at our Center or helping us to promote a strong community with productive youth preparing for the future.

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