Our History

African-Dancers-EditCultural Arts Coalition (CAC) grew out of the Fifth Avenue Arts Festival. CAC was incorporated in 1983 as a non profit organization.  CAC also works with at-risk children in its Summer Cultural Enrichment Program.  In 1990 The City of Gainesville contracted CAC to create a musical video to promote Recycling.  The Video received State recognition in the ADDY Awards. It was later used by schools and community groups around the country.

Cultural Arts Coalition has addressed needs as a community based nonprofit serving some of the most disadvantaged residents of Gainesville.  CAC has served needs i.e. after school programs, cultural enrichment programs, youth employment and socioeconomic issues for a consistent 30+ years.  We have built relationships with local government, community agencies, businesses and individuals.  These agencies and individuals have made it possible to deliver services to the many residents throughout its existence.

In 1991, CAC created the Environmental Ambassadors (EA) Youth employment program.  EA educates on the topic of environmental stewardship and, serve as a job training program.    A couple of the projects have been stenciling storm drains, community cleanups and replacing traditional light bulbs in hundreds of homes with energy saving CFLs.  Partners have included City of Gainesville CDBG, Gainesville Regional Utilities, Alachua County Solid Waste, Environmental Protection Dept, Univ of Fl Building and Construction.  CAC sponsored their 2nd Annual Environmental Youth Summit hosting teens and college students resulting in community service projects throughout Gainesville.

In 1998 created a Girl Power (GP) Program.  GP is offered to at risk girls ages 11 and 14.  GP is designed to decrease the pregnancies and use of illegal substances and tobacco.  We have formed partnerships with organizations such as; Corner Drugstore, Merridian, Planned Parenthood, University of Fl and Santa Fe College, to provide activities and programs

Girls meet weekly; Information is given by individuals and groups.  Field trips to social and sports events are also used.  They are constantly exposed to positive role models. I.e.,   Lawyers, doctors, elected officials and work with them regularly.  These girls would not otherwise have these opportunities.  Some of these women have been of national and international stature.

Girls are from single female headed households.  90% have little or no contact with their fathers.  Many have had traumatic experiences like sexual abuse and exposure to family members who are drug dependents.  GP Power offers them a supportive environment where they can develop healthy spirits and learn coping skills.

In 2000, CAC began a contract to manage the Wilhelmina Johnson Center where it had been housed since the early Nineties.  CAC grew utilization of the facility from one organization using it for Dance Classes and one organization using it for meetings to multiple uses from arts to social events to community workshops. The bldg averages 500 uses each month. Classes have varied from piano to karate, to dance.  Rehearsals for activities varying from weddings to recitals have taken place at the Wilhelmina Johnson Center.

CAC works with other community organizations developing and supporting activities within the community such as BASE (Black AIDS Services and Education, Santa Fe College Downtown Center Advisory Board, 5th   Ave Community Advisory Committee, Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Committee, Gainesville Job Corps and others.

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