Science Clubs

Another successful year for CAC’s Afterschool Science Clubs!


CAC  started its first  Science Club pilot project in 2010 with the fifth graders at Caring and Sharing Learning School and Williams Elementary School.  This was an effort to help students, not just comprehend the Sciences, but to have fun learning them. CAC recognized the need for  schools, the community and parents to work together to better prepare our children for academic success.

Presently, we serve Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grades. Students and educators have attributed our program to their students’ scoring 4’s and 5’s (highest possible score) on Florida’s State Standardized Science test. This program has been very successful!

We kicked off our 2016-2017 year with ten Science Clubs, which met at schools, libraries, and community centers. Volunteers presented activities that included Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, Astronomy, and Food and Nutritional Sciences. Students also participated in field trips and activities such as Morningside Nature Center, Depot Avenue Park, Cade Museum, Harn Museum, The UF Physics Labs, Paynes Prairie, Devils Millhopper, Museum of Natural History, Astronomy and Solar Energy activities and much, much more. The George Washington Carver group planted and maintained a garden that was used to learn biology, chemistry, and nutrition.

Funded in part by Children’s Trust of Alachua County

We are very proud and appreciative of our Volunteer Partners, which include Working FoodUF Chemistry Club, Chemist Martin Vala, Entomologist Mike May, UF Biomedical Engineers, the Sierra Club, and a host of other engineers and scientists. We can always use more volunteers, so if you or someone you know would like to participate, please contact us. Donations are always welcome, too!

The positive results of this program are an example of what happens when students, parents, community volunteers and parents work together for a common goal.



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